A picture is worth what?

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Like TV? 8 Restaurants Modeled After the Greatest TV Shows

By Shrey Patel   Do you like TV, or do you love TV. In either case, chances are you have heard the likes of

Nearly 1 month ago

5 Feminist YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

  By Laney Portelance   Now, this isn’t necessarily a post about photos – but if a picture is worth a thousand words, I

Asian businessman cheers with mug of beer
Nearly 1 month ago

Be a patriot and get sloshed watching the DNC Debate

By Laney Portelance   Tonight on October 13th, CNN hosts the first Democratic National Convention debate, with a cast of characters better known as

Nearly 1 month ago

A Listicle Explaining Who Invented the Listicle

1. Your Mother, my Mother, everyone’s Mother that attached a “list” to the refrigerator is in effect the originator of listicles.   2. The

Nearly 2 months ago

As technology evolves, so shall our costumes

Hello fellow Halloweenies. By now you’re probably aware that we have people riding around on Segways and hoverboards and that’s pretty lame. But what

Nearly 2 months ago

25 Thoughts You Have While Binge Watching Hannibal

Laney Portelance   NBC’s Hannibal is not exactly for the faint of heart, but despite it’s gruesome subject matter, it still manages to pull

Nearly 3 months ago

Studying the Evolution of the Male Heartthrob

Written by Megan Chase   Not every sex symbol is the same and over time, we have seen the evolution of the “Hollywood Hunk.”

Nearly 3 months ago

5 Costumes You’re Better Off Avoiding This Halloween

Written by Laney Portelance Look, you don’t want to be that guy/girl who shows up at a Halloween party who pisses someone off because

Nearly 3 months ago

What Does It Mean to Be Successful in Life

There is no right or wrong definition of what it means to be successful in life. People use the term to describe professional success

Nearly 4 months ago

Watch Out or You May End Up With a Concussion

I suppose there are people out there that occasionally say “you know” at the end of a sentence to reinforce your understanding of what